Consumer Goods

In industry and manufacturing products are produced in metric. The military have been using metric for years. Importing and exporting is all in metric too.


If you use a still camera or video equipment these, too, have been totally metric products since the Kodak company, in the USA, made their decision to use B&W 16 mm film for amateurs in 1910 and their 16 mm colour movie film in 1929. Most cameras today take 35 mm film, and the digital ones use megabytes. Printed photos may be specified in a shop in non-metric units, but really they are usually 100 by 150 mm for the standard size. cd

In the home entertainment world, CDs and DVDs have always been 120 mm in diameter, and the old-fashioned vinyl records have always been 175 mm, 250 mm or 300 mm since the 1930s (the inch sizes are just an inaccurate approximation). By the way, in 1959 the inch was redefined as 25.4 mm exactly.