UK Metric Association

Metric System – The International System of Units (SI)

Metrication UK – Going Metric in the UK

Dr Metric – educational problems caused by the continued use of medieval units in Great Britain. website – about weights and measures and use of metric

UK Metrication – archived information

Weights and Measures Law – weights and measures law

Metrication Matters – What is metrication and why does it matter?

International Standard Paper Sizes

Metrication – lots of helpful info and converters

Metric to Metric conversions (short quiz)

Interactive animation – showing how big very small things are

Scale of the Universe – Interactive animation showing how metric can measure any scale in the universe

Powers of Ten – A film made in 1977, dealing with the relative size of things in the Universe, and the effect of adding another zero

United States Metric Association

US National Institute for Standards and Technology – about units and constants

More Than A Mile Behind – America and the metric system

Think Metric sign at US-Canada border

Metric Road Signs Seen in the USA

International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)

One Metre – archived Canadian metric site

SI units – NPL is the UK’s National Measurement Institute

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